Posted by R. Berg on March 11, 2002

In Reply to: Picky posted by TheFallen on March 11, 2002

: : : Interesting, and pretty definitive. For what it's worth, those precise Germans (who seem to have started all the trouble) have only in my knowledge carried on with meaning #2 with their verb "kleben" (to cling or stick, adhere). I can't think of a similar sounding German verb meaning to split or separate. Trust them to avoid confusion at all costs.

: : I haven't studied German, but I have a German-English dictionary. It shows a noun "Kluft," defined as "chasm, abyss, gulf; ravine, gorge." Klearly related.

: Ye-eees, but not strictly speaking a verb, though in your defence I'd wager a wooden Deutschmark against the Sudetenland that it springs from a no longer used German verb.

Defence? (Defense?) So who's fighting? Let's start over. Intro (my line): "I don't know of any German verbs like that, either, but I found a German noun that indirectly supports your conjecture." Then segue into the dictionary entry. There.