Not Just the Weather

Posted by ESC on March 05, 2002

In Reply to: Not Just the Weather posted by Word Camel on March 05, 2002

: : weather weenies -- "But there are some weather weenies out there, weather junkies. Some people told us they were throwing their radios out when we went automated." From The Wall Street Journal, March 4, 2002: an article, "Weather's Voice: Partly Sunny, Chance of Blunder," about "Donna" and "Craig," two computerized voices being tested by the National Weather Service's NOAA Weather Radio. The original voice, "Paul," has been dubbed by critics as Mr. Roboto, Sven, Igor, and Arnold.

: When I created a web site for an famous "Imaging Company" last year, I learned that "Photo weenie" is photography industry slang for a photography enthusiast. I actually made a pie chart at one point with a slice labled "photo weenies."

Now we're going to have to look up the origin and first use of "weenie." Since we're "word weenies."