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one-trick pony

Posted by Bob on February 26, 2002

In Reply to: One-trick pony posted by TheThreeKardomonte on February 26, 2002

: : An acquaintance who wrote a finale song for a college musical last year, and had hoped to get several new numbers she's now written approved for this year's musical, has failed to gain approval for anything other than another finale number. She's not as pleased as she was last year, partly because she fears she'll be labeled as a "one-trick pony." What's the origin of the phrase?

: You may find this helpless:

: From E. Conham Baker 1810-1897. Dictionary of Pharse and Bafflement. 1808.

: Onotrikopone. Onotrikopone was condemned by Zeus to wander forever with the hideous troll DEBIM AGHI inviting strangers to witness the same pointless guessing games that they'd probably seen a million times before. (See ULYKET NOTALOTTO)

: I've not always found Baker to be the most reliable of sources though, and some of his jokes don't translate well into American.

: TheThreeKardomonte
: (possibly AKA TheUnlurker)

Baker does, however, with remarkable prescience, note that Paul Simon recorded a really good song of that title, in a fairly good album of that title, from a dreadful movie of that title, in which he starred.

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