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"Mental Metalurgy" (continued from previous page)

Posted by TheUnlurker on February 04, 2002

lot's of wild speculations about brass monkeys by Ms Camel et al (who's Al?)

James Briggs said:
"As the one who originally posted the the 'powder and brass monkey' explanation, and also a bit of a scientist, I have to point out that a coefficient of linear change gets magnified quite a bit when applied to a ring..."

Hmm! You assert this without evidence or argument, scientific or otherwise. If I were forced to speculate as to how a heated ring expands under heating I'd probably say:

If the temperature is changed to cause a 1m bar to expand by 1 unit then the circumference of a ring of diametre 1m would expand by pi units (i.e. 3.14 and a bit units).

Maybe that's what you meant by "magnified".

_*BUT*_ the diametre of this ring only increases by 1 unit, so what's your point?


PS: Which bit of a scientist did you post? I can't find it anywhere.