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Red White and Blue in 2002

Posted by ESC on May 16, 2002

In Reply to: Red White and Blue in 2002 posted by ESC on May 16, 2002

: : : I have to come up with a catchy phrase promoting our local fair industry in 30 seconds or less..I have been racking my brain all week long and still haven't came up with anything really...does anyone have any suggestions? Please email me by Friday evening
: : : Here is what I have so far:
: : : (Three cheers for Red White and Blue in 2002, at the Manitowoc County Fair, August 20-25th celebrating America's......)

: : I like that, except that "the" should be inserted before "red," as in the original song. The rhythm is better with "the." Also restore those missing commas if the slogan is to appear on posters and so forth.

: : Has a theme of patriotism already been chosen for this year's fair, so that any slogan must fit with it?

: An American tradition...the county fair.

A few suggestions from my trust sidekick:
Your County Fair -- As old as Old Glory, and just as colorful
Your County Fair -- As American as an apple pie-eating contest.
Visit your county fair. America's cotton candy industry will thank you.

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