What is this?

Posted by Anon on May 04, 2002

In Reply to: What is this? posted by Tiko on May 03, 2002

: : : : I rec'd an email from an unknown sender. The message was merely this:


: : : : Should I be worried?

: : : The message simply reads "Hi! It's impossible to read your message. See you soon". Nothing too X-Files about that, but I suspect (and colour me paranoid) that it may be one of those virus-carrying e-mails that's phrased in such a way as to inspire you to open it. Now, although it's never been proven 100% to my satisfaction that the mere act of opening an e-mail can give you a virus (of COURSE opening an attachment can give you a whole host of nasty things), I've had people a lot more computer-savvy than I assure me that this is in fact possible, especially if using Microsoft's Outlook. My advice... just to be on the safe side, get yourself a good virus checker, and always delete any e-mail unopened if you don't recognise the sender. Personally speaking, I'd always recommend using *any* other e-mail client apast from MS Outlook, because, this being the default client offered to Windows users, most viruses (virii?) are specifically created to self-propagate via Outlook.

: : Good advice. It's also worth noting that some viruses use your email address book to propogate themselves to your friends, so virus checking is a must.

: Thanks. I love this site! Especially all of you who support the inquiries.

This isn't a phrase question. But it does relate to unwelcome e-mail. On a fairly routine basis, I get vile e-mail from porno sites, ads for devices to enhance penis size, etc. I mentioned this annoyance to my boss one day. He said he NEVER gets e-mail of that type and one would only receive such mail he/she had visited naughty sites. I don't know much about computer stuff but don't "they" have a way of collecting e-mail addresses or something?