Grand Prize

Posted by Bob on April 05, 2002

In Reply to: Grand Prize posted by R. Berg on April 04, 2002

: : : : : At a military museum here in Victoria BC is a machine gun with a box of bullets strung along nine yards of material. It professes to be the origin of the phrase "give em' the Whole nine yards".

: : : : For hours of reading enjoyment, please enter "yards" into the archive-search box on the Discussion Forum page. Nine yards of previous posts should come up.

: : : The sign on the display, no doubt, dates from 1993.

: : Given recent inflation rates, what's the Grand Prize worth now, Bob?

: Maybe, instead of cash, it should be nine yards of something.

Well, it won't be 9 yards of cash. (there's a recession on.) Lamentably, I invested the W9Y Grand Prize escrow account in Enron futures ... but thanks to an Anderson audit, it actually grew in value on a pro forma basis. So ... for a genuine text reference older than (what was it? 1965?) the Award certificate will be supplemented with $4.87 USD, cash on the barrelhead.