9, anyone?

Posted by TheFallen on April 01, 2002

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: : : I heard this new explanation of the origins of OK on National Public Radio this morning and interupted my morning coffee to share it with you.

: : : Camel

: : Of course it is April 1st....

: These definitions are similar to those found in references. So I don't think it's a leg-pull. We are now up to seven theories (for information from the archives, search under Okay):

: 1 Orrin Kendall biscuits, which soldiers ate during the Civil War.
: 2. Short for Aux Cayes, a Haitian port that American sailors praised for its rum.
: 3. Old Keokuk, a Native American tribal chief who was said to have signed treaties with his initials.
: 4. OK stands for "all correct" or the illiterate phrase "Orl Korrect."
: 5. U.S. President Martin Van Buren's nickname "Old Kinderhook" -- OK for short. He was a native of Kinderhook, N.Y.
: 6. Choctaw word "okeh," meaning "indeed."
: 7. Scottish "auch aye", meaning "ah yes."

8. From the French maritime phrase "au quai" meaning "at dock", and therefore at last safe from the ravages of the open sea.

I suspect that the Haitian placename "Aux Cayes" mentioned in #2 is a transliteration of "aux quais".

#9 anyone? My personal favourite is "Och aye" in at #7 in the current hit parade.