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Posted by R. Berg on March 31, 2002

In Reply to: Ecuadorans posted by TheFallen on March 30, 2002

: : : I'm enjoying "Kitchen Confidential" by Anthony Bourdain, which is all about kitchen chef culture. In it, he praises the culinary skills of 'Ecuadorians' several times. Shouldn't it be 'Ecuadorans,' since these people hail from Ecuador?

: : Yes, according to Webster's Second, 1934, which has "Ecuadoran" as a noun and an adjective but "Ecuadorian" as an adjective only. But the same dictionary has "Panamanian" and no "Panaman." Then there's "Peruvian."

: What are people from El Salvador called? (Answers of "Juan, mainly" will be ignored).

Around here they're often called political refugees. (How's that for Juan-upmanship?) The answer you're looking for is "Salvadorans."

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