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Nodding vs Shaking one's head yes.

Posted by ESC on January 10, 2002

In Reply to: Nodding vs Shaking one's head yes. posted by The Fallen on January 10, 2002

: Since I'm on a roll, let me ask one more question that's irking me. Is the verb "to nod" hardly ever used in the USA? I am always hearing the alternate expression "to shake one's head yes" being employed instead. In the UK, the expression "to shake one's head" *always* means to shake it from side to side, thus expressing dissent, whereas to nod (the "one's head" part being optional) *always* means to move one's head up and down in agreement. The same is apparently absolutely not true in the USA... or is it?

Here's my vote regarding the U.S. -- shake your head (side-to-side) "no" and nod your head (up-and-down) "yes."