Posted by Alex on January 09, 2002

In Reply to: Football and the full Monty (Python) posted by The Fallen on January 08, 2002

: ...though the usage of "soccer" is becoming more and more prevalent in the UK, presumably to avoid confusion. Mind you, I am slightly bemused as to why the USA uses the word "football" to describe a sport which seems to be mainly about throwing and running, (unless we're talking about the Detroit Lions, who should punt on first down, just to save time and embarrassment).

: Anyway, the full Monty Python nonsense phrase, which for reasons that are beyond me I seem to have committed to memory is:- "Word association football match stick insect powder puff pastry chef d'équipe sake". I trust that this nugget of knowledge will add precisely nothing of value to anyone at all.

I don't know about American Football, but rugby is called football because it is Rugby Football. So the legend goes: chap playing football at Rugby School (big public school in England) decides to pick up the ball and run. Sport therefore named after the place it was invented (Like Eton Fives). as a variation on football. Presumably American Football then evolved out of rugby...?