Poem title and verse(s)

Posted by Brenda Bailey Little on December 31, 2001

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: : I am searching for the title and words of a poem that is only partly remembered by my 87 year old father from his elementary grade memorization in a one-room school in Kentucky. Some of the words: "It's a fearful thing in winter, to be shattered by the blast..."
: : "God is on the ocean, Satan's on the land"

: : The poem is about a shipwreck and brings tears to my dad's eyes when he tries to quote it. Dad has alzheimers.

: "Ballad of the Tempest" by James T. Fields
: [...]
: 'Tis a fearful thing in winter
: To be shattered by the blast,
: And to hear the rattling trumpet
: Thunder, "Cut away the mast!"
: [...]
: But his little daughter whispered,
: As she took his icy hand,
: "Isn't God upon the ocean,
: Just the same as on the land?"
: [...]

: For the full text see www.geocities.com

I am grateful for your help. I am writing my father's life story and needed this poem that was a significant part of his memory from childhood.