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Posted by Jim on December 29, 2001 at

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: Not to put too fine a point on it, but Paul Harvey is the last remaining "journalist" who goes seamlessly from reading his so-called version of the news into reading a commercial announcement, and back again into storytelling. 50 years ago, John Cameron Swayze sat in front of a Camel cigarette sign, reading the news while smoking the sponsor's product... but television journalism has moved (ever so slightly) past that. Not Paul. His unctuous, grinning manner fails to cover for his transparent ethical lapses. I wouldn't believe a word he says. Ever.

Didn't Ronald Reagan also make a career shilling borax along with american mythology long before finding his destiny as "official" spokesman for the american way of life? Selling soap comes natural for some people and is a useful talent for political office. Paul is a huckster, but, he has a ready audience eager for his stories. Because Paul said it, de facto it is true. Like urban legends, "truth" is formed from the stains of repetition.