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Goo goo g' joob

Posted by Bob on December 22, 2001 at

In Reply to: Goo goo g' joob posted by Marian on December 22, 2001

: : : : : : I have heard this saying on a few songs I do not know its meaning. For instance Mrs. Robinson a song by Simon and Garfunkle uses the term coo coo ka choo Mrs Robinson any onfo would be appreciated. Thanks
: : : : : : Pattie

: : : : : Also in a Beatle's song--The Walrus:
: : : : : "...Expert, texpert
: : : : : Smoking choker
: : : : : Dont you think the joker laughs at you..."
: : : : : "...I am the walrus-- coo coo ka choo"

: : : : : Just my opinion but I don't think "coo coo ka choo" has a meaning---sounds like just nonsense syllables like "doo wop doo wop" or "shad a lack a jingle bop", "rama lama ding dong" and "boogity boogity shoo".

: : : : The Compleat Beatles gives the phrase as "goo goo g' joob." A Beatle-maniac walked by my computer just now and imparted this information. Where does that leave us?

: : : Hmmmm.......your resident Beatle expert is correct.
: : : That leaves me in the same position as I was last evening while transporting one of my home-for-the-holidays offsping to the mall and having her explain to me the meaning of deconstructionism---I love it.

: : I seem to recall the old Betty Boop animated cartoon character using the phrase in one or more of her songs. Could she have been created as a take-off on a real-life actress or singer who used the phrase?

: One song went rather like this:

: I wanna be loved by you
: Just you and nobody else but you
: I wannna be loved by you
: Ooo ooo
: Koo koo ka choo...

That was the more meaningful "Boop boop a doop."

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