Impossible things

Posted by ESC on December 15, 2001 at

In Reply to: "Whipping a dead horse" etc posted by Patty on December 15, 2001

: I'm wondering about phrases that mean attempting to do the impossible. "Whipping a dead horse" is a good one, though it refers to something (whipping a horse) that *would* have worked once, but no longer will. "Getting blood from a stone" is another phrase.

: Do you have some other good ones? Thanks. - Patty

I'm feeling musical today...


It's impossible . . .
Tell the sun to leave the sky,
It's just impossible . . .
It's impossible . . .
Ask a baby not to cry,
It's just impossible . . .
Can I hold you closer to me.
And not feel you goin' through me,
Split the second,
That I never think of you,
Oh! how impossible . . .
Can the ocean keep from rushin' to the shore?
It's just impossible!
If I had you, could I ever want for more?
It's just impossible!
And tomorrow , should you ask me for the world,
Somehow I'd get it . . .
I would sell my very soul,
And not regret it . . .
For to live without your love,
It's just impossible!
Impossible! ( hmm )
Original music with Spanish lyrics by
Canache Armando Manzanero, 1970
with English lyrics by Sid Wayne