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Strange phone message

Posted by R. Berg on December 10, 2001

In Reply to: Strange phone message posted by capable on December 10, 2001

: : : I received a strange voice mail from a male who was calling from what sounded like a marketing call, because of all of the voices I heard in the background of the call. My Caller ID showed that the caller was "Unavailable". All the caller said was: "The Albatross flies low when headed in a southern direction." Can anyone shed some light on this? The call came in on Friday evening - 12-07-01 at 7:47PM. Could 7:47PM be translated as a 747 airliner? I do know the Albatross was an aircraft and is also a bird. Would anyone like to try and help me decipher what this meant? Thanks so much! Celestial

: : Probably some prankster, but it sounds creepy enough that what I would do is call the local police, who will involve a federal agency to investigate if they think they need to.

: This sounds like something out of a spy film..

Yep, life imitating art. We're all supposed to be on high alert these days.

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