Banished Words

Posted by Chris on January 27, 2002

In Reply to: Banished Words posted by Bruce Kahl on January 26, 2002

: : : : : As a medical doctor, 'skin rash' and 'dead body' spring to my mind!

: : : : Continuing along the medical theme, how about the overused journalistic phrase: "...lost his brave battle with cancer." The Onion, a satirical newspaper, had a headline saying someone, "...Lost His Cowardly Battle with Cancer." Another journalistic cliche, "grim task," referring to cleanup/body recovery after a disaster.

: : : 1) "Transition" used as a verb. "We are going to transition you to the green team."
: : : 2) "Reactionary" used in bizarre ways. "Jenny was like really reactionary when I told her I was leaving."
: : : 3) "Speak to" instead of "respond to" or "address". "Josh can speak to that point"

: : : We could also like, banish "like", you know?

: : Why is it so often reported that some celebrity or other gave birth to a baby girl or a baby boy? Any boy or girl who has just been born is a baby.

: "Going forward, the reports are now due by the 3rd Monday of the first month of every quarter."
: Going forward?
: Is this just NY trendzoid speak or has this infected other parts of the planet?

Please please let's banish "paradigm" and ANYTHING happening either inside or outside some hypothetical box.
However, the most idiotic statement I can think of is "Raid kills bugs dead". Huh?

Perhaps we could extend the list to words that happen because people refuse to read, preferring to simply repeat what they hear others say.
As in "You could of told me" or "in the interm,...".