Blessed are the cheese makers

Posted by Word Camel on January 23, 2002

In Reply to: Cheeses of Nazareth posted by R. Berg on January 23, 2002

: :
: : : : Or sample the cheeses of Nazareth.

: : : Try to bring the discussion to a higher plane and look what happens.

: : Woohoo!!!
: : I like that: the cheeses of Nazareth". I'm going to keep that one right next to my other new favourite exclamation "that (item, current event) pleases my brain!".

: : Cheeses of Nazareth:
: : "I won't do that for all the cheese in Nazareth!"
: : "I'll bet you all the cheese of Nazareth that..."
: : "What, by all the cheese of Nazareth, are you talking about?"
: : See what I mean? Very spiffy phrase.
: : Spin

: I once read about an exhibition for which artists were invited to create works out of food. One entry consisted of a pair of hands sculpted from cheese, arranged with some other ingredients. Brace yourself. It was called "The Hands of Cheeses Praying for Peas in Our Thyme."

"Blessed are the cheese makers", a line from the Life of Brian sends a biblical archeologist friend into spasms of giggles. Apparently this sort of misunderstanding of language is quite common in his field.

One interesting, example (that sadly includes no cheese), is the translation of JC's famous comment with regard to Mary Magdelan "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.". Apparently it is better translated as "Let he who has not slept with her cast the first stone."