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Posted by R. Berg on January 20, 2002 at

In Reply to: Hat-racks in the desert posted by Jim on January 20, 2002

: : : : : : A sentence in the novel I'm translating mentions wild and wormy horses, like hat-racks in the desert. It's the hat-racks/desert part that confuses me. Has anybody got an idea?

: : : : : Extremely thin?

: : : : Useless? Deserts are hot during the day and cold at night. People there need to keep their hats on.

: : : True. So what purpose could a hatrack serve?

: : Absolutely none, and that's why I thought "like hat-racks in the desert" might be the author's way of saying "useless."

: Ah! I responded "useless" also. I thought you were commenting on my comment. A breach of thread-equitte on my part leaves me threadbare. Thanks for the refresh.

On January 17 I put up a post that began "Useless?" A full day later (I've checked the times) you put up a post that began "Useless?" If my post was a comment on yours, it was a quick response indeed--maybe even a clairvoyant one. Hmm. Now for a way to apply this ability to investment decisions . . .