Another thing/k coming

Posted by ESC on October 31, 2001

In Reply to: Another thing/k coming posted by Jake on October 31, 2001

: Is it "You've got another thing coming" or "You've got another think coming"?

: Both make sense, but "think" should obviously be "thought," so if that's correct, then the phrase is a misuse of the English language so I'd guess it has southern origins (I'm from the South, so don't get mad!).

: I heard "thing" first and would guess that's right, except that about 80% of the instances I've heard seem to be (sometimes it's not completely intelligible) "think."

: Thanks for your help.

My opinion: It's "you've got another thing coming." But "you've got another think coming" is used for (sometimes unintentional) comic relief.