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: : : Who said this? What is the origin? Eishenhower spoke quite a bit about unification, but, this is more about cohesion, freedom, etc. Was subject of a song in the late 60's. Any ideas?

: : "United we stand, divided we fall" is the motto of the great Commonwealth of Kentucky. And it says on the state Web site: "The motto is believed to be from 'The Liberty Song,' popular during the American Revolution, and a favorite of Isaac Shelby, Kentucky's first governor."

: John Dickinson. (1732-1808)
: The Liberty Song

: Come, join hand in hand,
: Brave Americans all!
: And rouse your bold hearts
: At fair Liberty's call;
: No tyrannous acts shall
: Suppress your just claim,
: Or stain with dishonor
: America's name.

: Chorus:
: In freedom we're born,
: And in freedom we'll live!
: Our purses are ready,
: Steady, friends, steady;
: Not as slaves, but as free men,
: Our money we'll give.

: 2. How sweet are the labors
: That freemen endure,
: That they shall enjoy
: All the profit, secure,
: No more such sweet labors
: Americans know,
: If Britons shall reap
: What Americans sow.
: (Chorus)

: 3. Then join hand in hand
: Brave Americans all,
: By uniting we stand,
: By dividing we fall;
: In so righteous a cause
: Let us hope to succeed,
: For Heaven approves of
: Each generous deed.

: (Chorus)