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Knock on wood

Posted by Q on August 08, 2001

In Reply to: Knock on wood posted by Bartholomew on August 08, 2001

: This expression confuses me as to how that parrallels good luck.

From the Archives. Posted by ESC on 08-02-00

'...Some attribute it to the old game known as 'touching wood' or 'wood tag,' in which a player who succeeds in touching wood is safe from capture. Others hold that this game and 'knocking on wood' had a common origin in primitive tree worship, when trees were believed to harbor protective spirits. To rap on a tree -- the dwelling place of a friendly spirit -- was to call up the spirit of the tree to protect one against impending misfortune. Later, people would place the hand on a wooden statue of a deity for the same purpose...still others believe the superstition is of Christian origin and that it is in some way associated with the wooden cross upon which Jesus was crucified..."

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