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Ball the jack

Posted by R. Berg on September 18, 2001

In Reply to: Phrase meaning posted by Anon on September 18, 2001

: : Can anybody tell me what this means,? MAKE A BULLFROG BALL A JACK. or is it self-expanatory?

: I would guess that it means something extremely provocative. It sounds like a line from a song (sung by Jerry Lee Lewis) called "Big-Legged Woman." The line is, "Big-legged woman, keep your dresses down. You've got something up there baby that would make a bulldog hug a hound..." Or words to that effect.

The Dictionary of American Slang has two meanings for "ball the jack":
1. To go, move, or work very rapidly or fast. (Orig. logger use, from highballing.) -> 2. To gamble or risk everything on one attempt or effort.

But I think the phrase has a different meaning in blues lyrics, and I don't know what it is.

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