Done vs. finished

Posted by R. Berg on September 06, 2001

In Reply to: Bread in the oven's done, people finish posted by ESC on September 05, 2001

: : This is a phrase my mother said to me every time I would say, "I'm all done." I've always assumed it's proper english, but never really knew for sure, and have no idea who came up with this phrase.

: This sounds like what is said when a person says, "I'm mad." "Dogs go mad. People get angry." Grammarians, is "done" used properly? A quick look in the dictionary shows Mom may be right. (Stick a fork in me, I'm done.)

My understanding: You shouldn't say "Sophornia is finished with dinner" because the correct form is "Sophornia HAS finished with dinner." Wrong, "I am done"; right, "I have done." "I'm mad" is OK; people can get mad or go mad.