Posted by ESC on August 27, 2001

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: : Exactly what does this mean????5 family members have different opinions,we need this settled!!!Please help!

: This one has come up before. Type once removed in the search box or try bulletin_board 2 messages 4.html

: Gary

This is a cousin thing. Not brothers.

If you look up cousins in most encyclopedias, it will give an explanation. Let me give it a whirl. Relatives on the same generational level are: brothers and sisters, their children are cousins, their grandchildren are second cousins, their great grandchildren are third cousins and so forth.

You get into the "removed" situation when a cousin is on a different generational level. Say your relation to the

Elvira and I are cousins. Her children and I are first cousins, once removed. Elvira's grandchildren are my first cousins, twice removed.

John and I are second cousins (our parents were first cousins). John's children and I are second cousins once removed. His grandchildren and I are second cousins, twice removed.

Fortunately there is software that will figure this out. I use Family Tree Maker.