One and (in?) the same

Posted by Bruce Kahl on August 07, 2001

In Reply to: One and (in?) the same posted by Karen Zethmayr on August 07, 2001

: "In" does not make the cold, hard, logical sense that "and" does, and when I used the phrase in an article, I had to come down on the side of "one." I just have a nagging feeling I've also heard it the other way. Anyone have an inkling what I might be confusing it with? Perhaps if the phrase also appears a lot with "in," it's just the result of good old American lazy diction.

I never heard your phrase used as in "One IN the same", I only have heard it used as in "One AND the same."
Maybe it just sounds that way if you say it very quickly--oneandthesame--and the "nd" part slurs to sound like "in".