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Merchant of Venice--- Act 3, Scene 1

Posted by Bruce Kahl on December 17, 1999

In Reply to: Open letter to group posted by Gwendy on December 16, 1999

: Does anyone know where the phrase "What news on the Rialto?" comes from. I've been running across it alot lately and it's starting to bug me! Thanks!

Now, what news on the Rialto?
Why, yet it lives there uncheck'd that Antonio hath
a ship of rich lading wrecked on the narrow seas;
the Goodwins, I think they call the place; a very
dangerous and fatal, where the carcasses of many
a ship lie buried, as they say, if my gossip
Report be an woman of her word.

I would she were as lying a gossip in that as ever
knapped ginger or made her neighbours believe she
wept for the death of a third husband. But it is
true, any of prolixity or crossing the
plain highway of talk, that the good Antonio, the
Antonio,--O that I had a title good enough
to his name company!--