Is it this or that?

Posted by Bob on December 14, 1999

In Reply to: Is it this or that? posted by David Twichell on December 13, 1999

: : : : : Could someone please tell me if the phrase is, "for all inteded purposes" or "for all intent and purposes"? Thank you for your help.

: : : : I believe it's "To all intent and purposes" which I guess is much the same as "For all intent and purposes"

: : : John; Thank you for your prompt response. I have asked the same question of my mother-in-law and she said it is, "all intents and purposes". If one is plural so the other should be. Any thoughts on that? Or should I just rephrase the sentence? Thanks.

: : What can I say, your mother-in-law entirely correct. I really should have checked for typo's, sorry for the error.

: No problem. You've been of great help. Thanks again.

But then the question arises: what's the difference between intents and purposes? I know the difference between cease and desist, between flotsam and jetsam ... but intents and purposes sound suspiciously like synonyms. Any help?