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: : : any ideas about the derivation or origin of the expression "to go on the spree"

: : Ab Websters:

: : A spree is an unrestrained indulgence in or outburst of an activity--A merry frolic!
: : Traced from the Gaelic "spraic" or "spre"--
: : spark,animation or spirit.
: : From the Icelandic "spr[ae]kr"--sprightly, with vigor; quick,lively,alert.

: Isn't it "go on a spree"?

"Spree is usually thought of as a lively outing, especially one accompanied by considerable drinking and associated revelry. A related sense of the word occurs in expressions like 'shopping spree' -- again a rather carefree overindulgence...Spree comes to us from Latin 'praeda,' 'spoils or bounty,' by way of Gaelic Irish and Scotch 'spreath,' 'cattle taken as plunder in a raid.'" From Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins.