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I quit

Posted by Stella on November 09, 1999

In Reply to: Female posted by Critic on November 08, 1999

: : : : : : Preates old Rudyard...probably used by old "Shake-a-Lance" ("Beware, the female of the species!"). Also, from anthropology and zoology, the female of the species is quite often deadlier than the male. Think of the "queen bee", praying mantis, black widow spiders, and lionesses.

: : : : : This sort of contribution is neither informative, accurate, or reliably sourced and reads like the jumbled detritus remaining in the mind of a couch potato following exposure to an endless diet of TV programmes.

: : : : Critic, here's a phrase for you to mull over. "Language snot."

: : : I return you phrase in the spirit in which you gave it. I'm sure your enjoyment of it's nuances will be exceeded by little else in your life.

: : That would be "its nuances."

: Of such small victories are bar room heros made. I also omitted the 'r' from your, or did I?

I quit. You win.

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