American phrases

Posted by Gary Martin on May 29, 1999

Hello all,

The Phrase Finder gets many phrases submitted for inclusion in the database every day. I only include phrases that are in common use. In practise that means phrases that I have heard before and understand the meaning of. Lots of the contributors are American (or Australian) and, as I'm English, I tend to reject phrases that aren't in common use in England.

There are phrases that crop up often enough to make me think that they are in common use in America even though people in England don't know them.

Can anyone help me out with the following? Are they understood by most people in USA and/or Oz, and what do they mean?

Eight ways to Sunday
23 skidoo
Cup of Joe
Hang ten
Dog and pony show
Six ways to sunday
In a coon's age
Get your ducks in a row
If I had my druthers...

Gary Martin