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Posted by Bruce Kahl on November 21, 2000

In Reply to: Chuffed posted by ESC on November 21, 2000

: A news account stated that George, Paul and Ringo are "chuffed" about the success of a new Beatles CD. Anyone know the meaning and/or origin of "chuffed"? Here in the States, chuffy is an outdated term that means chubby or plump. I am assuming that the guys haven't put on weight in all the excitement.

Main Entry: chuffed
Pronunciation: 'ch&ft
Function: adjective
Etymology: English dialect: chuff-pleased, puffed with fat
Date: 1957

chuffed - very happy, delighted. eg. "I'm really chuffed with that".

I get the image of a very large man who just devoured a very large meal sitting back with a toothpick and he looks very chuffed!

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