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Re: Judas Priest on a raft

Posted by ESC on May 12, 2006

In Reply to: Re: Judas Priest on a raft posted by Smokey Stover on May 12, 2006

: : where did the phrase 'judist priest on a raft' come from and why is it considered a swear word

: It's one of those "minced oaths," a rephrasing of some blasphemous utterance using the Lord's name or some sacred theme in vain which, if not rephrased, would doubtless land you in Hell. Judas Priest is a substitute for Jesus Christ. "On a raft" is simply a florid ornament designed to give the expression more substance. One of my college friends was apt to say "Christ on a Chris-Craft" before hurling empty beer bottles into the fireplace. Like "Judas Priest!" it was an interjection conveying disgust and perhaps surprise. SS

Stephen King is a good source for creative swears. For example: Christ on a pony.