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Kick the snot out of him

Posted by RRC on February 07, 2006

In Reply to: Kick the snot out of him posted by ESC on February 07, 2006

: : : : : Please, can anybody explain me the meaning of "I want to kick the snot out of him".

: : : : : Thnaks a lot in advance.

: : : : Kick or hit him so hard that mucus comes out of his nose. A more vulgar version: kick the sh*t out of him. Hit him so hard he soils his pants.

: : :
: : : "Snot" here is certainly a euphemism for "shit". I'm afraid.

: : But of course the entire phrase is a typical expansion and vulgarization for the purpose of emphasis. When you kick the snot out of him, equally the shit, you do so figuratively. Beat the s... out of him is used the same way. You normally stop doing it long before either snot or shit is visible. Of course, if the subject of the beating is "full of shit" (another figurative phrase meaning, roughly--very roughly--mired in error), perhaps he will be less "full of shit" after the beating. I say all this for your understanding of the phrase. I entreat you not to use it, ever. SS

: A phrase that I favor: "Slap the taste out of his mouth."

Here in Texas, "the shit out of" is an intensifier and not meant as a literal reference to fecal matter as in "I'm so hungry I could eat the shit out of some potato salad about now!" Seriously, people here say things like that. RRC