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Posted by ESC on March 29, 2005

BIBLE-CRACKED - Ray is conflicted about picking another racer to root for after the death of his hero Dale Earnhardt. "'.Well, last night in the hotel room, I took that Gideon Bible out of the nightstand, and I Bible-cracked.' 'But you're from Nebraska,' said Justine. 'I thought Bible-cracking was a Southern thing.' 'I expect they do some form of it everywhere,' said Bill Knight. 'So you opened the Bible and pointed at random to a verse, and now you want to get into the betting pool?" said Bekasu in cross-examination mode. Ray Reeve reddened. 'Well, the thing is I got Matthew seventeen, verse five. Knew exactly what it meant. Justine already picked him, but I'd like to go half with her.'." From "St. Dale" by Sharyn McCrumb (Kensington books, New York, 2005) Page 284.

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BIBLE DIP - "All the Finches did bible-dips. It was like asking a Magic Eight Ball a question, only you were asking God. The way it worked was, one person held the bible while another person thought of a question to ask God, like, 'Should I get my hair cut short?' Then the person holding the bible opened it at random, and the person asking the question dropped his or her finger on the page. Whatever word your finger landed on, this was your answer." From "Running with Scissors" by Augusten Burroughs, Picador, New York, 2002, a true story by the survivor of a very strange childhood.