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Re: Eh?

Posted by DH on December 04, 2004

In Reply to: Eh? posted by Lewis on December 04, 2004

: : The Top Politically Correct Words and Phrases for 2004:

: : 1. "Device" for master and "captured device" for slave in computer networking terminology
: : 2. Non-same sex marriage, for marriage used in Democratic Presidential Primaries
: : 3. Waitron for waiter or waitress
: : 4. Red Sox Lover for Yankee Hater during the ALCS playoffs
: : 5. "Higher Power" for God
: : 6. Progressive for classical liberal
: : 7. Incurious rather than more impolite invectives for President Bush (such as idiot or moron)
: : 8. Insurgents substituting for terrorists in Iraq
: : 9. Baristas rather than waitrons
: : 10. First year student rather than Freshman, though Frosh is still acceptable.

: : From The Global Language Monitoring Police. Details on the above and more interesting stuff at the GLM site:

: can I just ask - what the fk is that all about?

Lewis: Well, why not? I for one was pleased to learn of another intriguing site to feed my insatiable lust for neologisms--DH