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Posted by Brian from Shawnee on June 30, 2004

In Reply to: Re: SHOTGUNNED...... posted by Henry on June 30, 2004

: : : Hey all, what's the meaning of "shotgunned it", "play hardball with", "money can make a mare go around" (money makes the world go round)?, "ride with it", "let it ride", "did right by me", "preaching to the choir", "hung out to dry", "blood rush to the head".

: : : Thanks in advance!
: : : -Vidhya.

: : "shotgunned it" - Not sure. What's the sentence? Does it have to do with drinking a "shot" of alcohol?

: : "play hardball with" - Meaning No. 2.
: : hardball, noun:
: : 1 : BASEBALL
: : 2 : forceful uncompromising methods employed to gain an end. Played political hardball.
: : (Merriam-Webster online)
: Baseball wih a hard ball, rather than the more genteel softball ie a more demanding manner

: : "money can make a mare go around" (money makes the world go round)? - Don't know the meaning.

: : "ride with it" - Don't know.
: Possibly accept it or go along with it.

: : "let it ride" - Let things stay the same, take your chances. I am guessing that it's from gambling - specifically the roulette wheel.

: : "did right by me" - Treated me fairly.

: : "preaching to the choir" - talking or try to persuade means to people who are already converted, who already see it your way: PREACH TO THE CONVERTED (THE CHOIR) - Propound an argument to people who already support it. Thus in 1867 John Stuart Mill wrote in one of his many books: 'Dr. McCosh is preaching not only to a person already converted, but to an actual missionary of the same doctrine." From "The Dictionary of Cliches" by James Rogers (Ballantine Books, New York, 1985).

: : "hung out to dry" - I thought it meant beating someone in a competition:
: : "Phillies hung out to dry.on cue, the Phillies lost Monday, falling 5-3 to the New York Mets on a long, long day - and night - at Citizens Bank Park.
: : But this sounds like abandoning someone, leaving him to take the blame.
: : "Close associates of Tony Blair fear that the Prime Minister is on the point of being 'hung out to dry' by President George Bush over the issue of whether Iraq held weapons of mass destruction when Britain and the US went to war last March."

: : "blood rush to the head" - flushed, red-faced.
: Dizzy feeling, leading to action, possibly foolish, without thought for the consequences

"Shotgunned it" probably refers to drinking a beer real fast. There may be an actual technique that makes it special, as opposed to simply drinking real fast.