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Re: Inglish Course?

Posted by Henry on May 22, 2004

In Reply to: Re: Inglish Course? posted by Amused on May 20, 2004

: : : : : I wanted to know if I can still ask questions, or did I overstep my rights?
: : : : : I know that not always my qestions are pure linguistic, and I noticed that some of my questions were erased.
: : : : : Anyway i'll do my best to asks only relevant questions to this forum,
: : : : : and thank you so much for all your kind help so far.

: : : : Yes, by all means. Discussion about the origin, and sometimes the meaning, of commonly used phrases often provides material that can be a reference for others. This stuff I usually archive.

: : : : Many phrases that crop up in everyday speech may be perplexing to people whose first language isn't English and we are glad to answer those here. I don't tend to archive them though as, once answered, they aren't likely to be asked again by anyone else.

: : : Thank you Gary so much, I have now a better understanding of your procedure, and all of you are of great help and Inglish of course, is a fascinating language.

: Most droll! use of irony, I trust.

Doing The Inglish [CD bonus track](Bill Caddick and John Tams)

Shakespeare, bacon, marmalade on toast,
On a sunny Sunday roast beef dinner,
Doing the Inglish

Cricket on a green after noon.
But it's started raining - such a shame -
It's doing the Inglish