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Re: All Hat -- and No Cattle

Posted by Fuzzy on April 23, 2004

In Reply to: Re: All Hat -- and No Cattle posted by R. Berg on April 18, 2004

: : When I lived in the north of the UK the expression was "all fur coat and no drawers"
: : : : ::::All talk and no action ---- and I like the Brooklyn language.

: : : It's not Brooklyn but almost the same, Hebrew, we say he is "all noise and bells", or
: : : In Aramic (ancient language: Istra Belagina kish kish Karia, which means, one coin in a box makes a lot of noise.

: : : "no bears and no woods" for something that does not exist. I went there and there were no bears and no woods. It's a bit different than empty talk, but same form.

: "He talks a good game."

I can't believe that nobody brought up: "All Bark and No Bite"