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Re: *eat my shorts*???

Posted by Smokefy Stover on March 21, 2004

In Reply to: Re: *eat my shorts*??? posted by Bob on March 20, 2004

: : : : hi there,
: : : : I heard this expression in the Simpsons. What does that mean?
: : : : Thanks

: : :
: : : I guess it's the PC version of 'kiss my arse'.

: : Yes it is. Or bugger off, or go to hell. Since I don't have any connection at all to the teen scene (so to speak) I can't imagine what, if anything, can have caused this expression to exist, but I'm guessing that it is a descendant of "Eat me!" Because of the way lexicographers work, Homer Simpson, or Matt Groening, Homer's creator, will probably be credited with having coined the phrase (as he is incorrectly credited with the expression "Duh!"). But I imagine it has had a significant life before its reiteration by one of the Simpsons. SS

: Matt Groening, via Homer S., may not take credit for "Duh!", but he should be cited for "D'oh!" And also credit for "eat my shorts!" as voiced by my friend Nancy Cartright, aka Bart Simpson.

Why should he get credit for "D'oh"? It's just a misspelling of "Duh." Another common misspelling (and mispronunciation) is "Dah." See my post on "Duh" which ought to be in the Archives. (I don't know if it is, though.) Does Matt Groening claim to have coined "D'oh" in its present meaning? Or, for that matter, "Eat my shorts"? The latter I can believe, the former, no. SS