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Chaos from order

Posted by ESC on March 17, 2004

In Reply to: Chaos from order posted by Bob on March 17, 2004

: : Can someone give me the word for a person or quality that can create chaos from order
: : Thanks
: : John

: anarchist, disruptor, tornado, bomb-thrower, wrecking ball, vandal, barbarian, whirlwind.

How about:

APPLE OF DISCORD - This expression comes from Greek mythology. "This story begins at the wedding of the hero Peleus and the water-nymph Thetis, parents of the famous Achilles. All the gods are invited to the party, saving one: Eris, goddess of discord - an understandable omission. Eris, didn't see it that way and resolved to get revenge." She stole one of Hera's golden apples and inscribed it "Property of the Fairest" and tossed it onto a banquet table "where it was squabbled over by every goddess on hand." From "Brush Up on Your Classics!" By Michael Macrone (Gramercy Books, New York, 1999). Page 178.

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