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City of Halifax history !

Posted by Henry on March 27, 2004

In Reply to: City of Halifax history ! posted by ESC on March 27, 2004

: : I am looking for a book on cities and I stumbled across your website on phrase finders and all about words, which language technology is a great apart of every cities evolution. I am researching my local cities history and it has help me find the phrase I was looking for, thank you. I am a proud maritimer from the City of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada which is one of the modern port cities located on the east coast of Canada with fishing, farming its main resources but not much business technology. Halifax is referred to as Atlantic Canada's gateway to the world, but it has its own time zone called the Atlantic time zone only used by the coastal maritime provinces who are the cities of Halifax's neighbour so it isnot to well known around the world. I bet you never heard of it. Thats what I mean it is its own quaint place away from the hussle of the big cities life of business technologies but I like to get on the computer and surf and see all the new technological research information.
: : You have a very enjoyable and helpful website.
: : Have a great day.
: : thanks
: : Steve

: Hi Steve from Canada.

Last year we heard of a couple who bought an airline ticket for Melbourne and ended up in Nova Scotia instead of Australia. Regards from UK.

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