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Re: Don't know that

Posted by R. Berg on February 23, 2004

In Reply to: Re: Don't know that posted by ESC on February 23, 2004

: : : : "The downside for her is I don't really think she's got a chance and I don't think she's going to live, I mean Cookie's going to die and *I don't know that we can get the government to move fast enough to stop that*. Cookie's going to die",

: : : : I need the sentence in btween stars: "I don'w know..."
: : : : Does he mean that he don't think they can move fast enough, or that he knows he cannot move fast enough.
: : : : It is a mild difference I know.

: : :to my mind, he means that the gov can't move fast enough, and there is no way they can "make it" move fast enough for her not to die. so it's "move fast enough" not " enough". I think :)

: : Corina

: "I don't know that" = he is doubtful we can get the government to...

He is concerned that the government will act too slowly, not that "we" will act too slowly.