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'there's got to be a pony'

Posted by Lotg on February 18, 2004

In Reply to: 'there's got to be a pony' posted by ESC on February 16, 2004

: : : : In a message to my favorite Aussie restauranteur, I used the expression above. It comes from an old joke about two sons, one an optimist, and one a pessimist. I won't go into the jokes' details, but want to ask, worldwide, if that expression is used and understood?

: : : In the U.S., yes. (Where are you?) It was one of President Ronald Reagan's favorite jokes.

: : : Thanks. I'm in Southern California now, but have lived all over the US, and the joke seems to be well known here. I don't know about other parts of the expanse of the english speaking world.

: W.Va. & Ky. -- I have heard the joke and understood it.

Ward, you're only the second person I've ever heard use it. Ronald Reagan being the first. I suspect this is a very American term, cos other than you two, I've never heard it before here in Australia.

Meanwhile, I figured out what it means by the context in which you used it, however you've got to tell me the joke sometime so I have a clue what it really means???

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