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Posted by Lotg on January 25, 2004

In Reply to: Re: Wanker posted by Henry on January 24, 2004

: : : During a deep & meaningful session at the local pub, the term wanker was raised (as oft is in a pub). The the lads, showing an unprecedented interest in the origins of our language wondered how the term had come about. (No pun intended).

: : : Anyway, we all presumably know what the act of wanking is, but the question raised was, why is this seen as derogatory when it's such a common activity? And therefore, why has the term wanker come to mean someone who is a well errr wally?

: : Well, "He's such a jerk" has the same origin. The activity is common but is nevertheless a source of shame. I suspect that the basic idea is "He's so undesirable, he can't find a partner."

: Most insults in the English speaking world are either sexual, whether the activity is carried out alone or in company, or scatological.

Well I just learnt something, as I so often do on this site. I've never before heard the word 'scatological', and now that I've looked it up, I now understand the insult associated with the word 'scat'. Although when I was but a mere ankle biter, mother used to say 'scat' to get rid of me.

Oh how things change over time.