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Re: Animal and Bird idioms

Posted by Bob on December 29, 2003

In Reply to: Re: Animal and Bird idioms posted by ESC on December 29, 2003

: : : Help! My mother is doing a quiz and she is stuck on the following (apparently they are all Animal or Bird idioms). I think the first might be
: : : 'Not in a Pig's Eye' and that the second may be 'Dressed as a Dog's Dinner' -but your help is needed, please!

: : : N in a P E
: : : D as a D D
: : : H of a R
: : : L a C in a H C
: : : D H a D and B Y

: : : very many thanks!
: : : Caroline

: : Last one: Don't have a dog and bark yourself.

: Wild guesses:

: Not in a pig's eye
: Dead as a do-do
Heart of a rabbit?
Hide of a rhinocerous?
Like a cat in a ...
Like a canary in a ...