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Re: Lie like a pig in mud

Posted by Werner on December 08, 2003

In Reply to: Lie like a pig in mud posted by Lotg on December 07, 2003

: : I used the phrase "a pig knows the mud he rolls in" to mean that someone knows the familiar territory among his peers, the other day. My wife thought it was a crude phrase and objected to it.

: : Are there phrases that mean the same thing, but are more genteel? What I wanted to convey is that a person who long works in a particular field knows his peers and their habits and intents, knows the work, knows the routines, understands the signals, etc.

: : Thanks.

: Never heard that one, although I don't understand you're wife's interpretation.

Simply that pigs are gross and dirty to some people and not to be spoken about among city people.

: The meaning to me seems harmless and just as you say. But an old favourite of mine involving pigs & mud, is to tell someone who is clearly telling you a great porky is to say that he is "lying like a pig in mud".

: Or another one is to be as "happy as a pig in mud". So it appears to me that pigs in mud are of great importance in one form or another.