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Bit hard on the chooks

Posted by Lotg on October 23, 2003

In Reply to: Re: Duck lovin' in the archives posted by Word Camel on October 23, 2003

: : : Anyone know the origin of this one. My dad always says it, but why not LORD LOVE A CHICKEN?

: : : Thanks,
: : : steph

: For origins try searching on "love a duck" in the
: archives. Why not chickens? I have not personally spent much time with chickens but I understand they are stupid and unpleasant. Ducks at least swim around and look cute.

: Camelita
: Whose theories about chickens and ducks are entirely unscientific.

::: Poor much maligned chooks. You might think ducks look cuter, but it appears to me you've not have to raise them. Ducks are messier and dirtier and smellier. They do unpleasant things with their water and then spread it all about. And frankly with the exception of some breeds, I think they're more stupid than most chickens. Having provided that useless insight, I too would like to know the origins of this saying, cos it is a bit strange when you think it through, yet it's been around for yonks! Very English methinks.