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Playing in an Unfenced Paddock

Posted by ESC on October 20, 2003

In Reply to: Playing in an Unfenced Paddock posted by Lotg on October 20, 2003

: : : : : This term was used by a nervous boyfriend when describing a situation in our relationship. I'd never heard it before, but I liked it so much that I actually registered a company in the name 'Unfenced Paddock Pty Ltd'.

: : : : : Friends who know me, have assumed it's something to do with my farming venture or my bush upbringing. They don't seem to have any knowledge of the meaning implied by my then boyfriend.

: : : : : I obviously know what he was getting at, at the time, but without giving that away, is anyone else familiar with the term and in what sense?

: : : : "Playing in an Unfenced Paddock" has zero hits on Google, whereas "Unfenced Paddock" has a meagre six, all of which appear to be literal in meaning. A young man in love can be very poetic.

: : : ::: I hate to kill the romance of your thought Anders, but it was more a young man in fear, than a young man in love.

: : : What he was talking about was my lack of contraception. Hence it was very risky him playing in an unfenced paddock.

: : : Another bush term from the land of Oz perhaps?

: : Okay, I get it, I get it, LOL! Whatever fuelled his creativity - and you've disclosed that now! -I still think the boy was a poet. Knowing what I do now, the expression certainly makes sense, although to me it originally suggested freedom and the great outdoors.

: :: He he, you could still be right. Nuff said methinks.

Well, if the paddock is unfenced, the mommy horses and daddy horses can get together and make BABY HORSES.