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Posted by Lotg on September 30, 2003

In Reply to: Re: ?? WATCHING BIRDS FLY AT 3/4 TIME posted by Lotg on September 30, 2003

: : : Does anyone know what "watching birds fly at 3/4 time" might mean?

: : I love music but know nothing about its nuts and bolts, as I am about to prove. But I think "three quarters time" refers to waltz music.

: ::: Ha ha, I know all you pseudo intellectuals will be horrified by this, but I reckon 3/4 time must mean the second last quarter of an AFL match!!!! snicker

::: Alright, I'm sorry. But I'm a Collingwood supporter and we're like that. So what does it REALLY mean? I would have thought, given we're talking about birds, we're either talking about the beat of their wings (as inferred by the previous writer probably), or maybe the time of day. Maybe 3/4 time is dusk? Hell I don't know. It's got me wondering too.